A much appreciated letter of thank you to all whom aided in bringing together this years MidAmerica Herbal Symposium.

Serena Krause

Matthew Briese

Ashley Smith

Brandi Kreckow

Lynn Halverson

and our little helpers, they passed out popcorn during Saturday nights documentary Neuman.

Tashawn Kreckow, Lucas Briese, Lauren Kreckow, and Malachi Smith.

Not only did Serena help to organize the symposium and get people registered, her second passion in life is cooking.  Her and Lynn put together some very delicious meals.  They used local foods for some very nutritious meals. Many wonderful comments were made and passed on to them. Even recipes were given out as some asked for them.

Everyone whom attended gave some very appreciated feedback, everyone enjoying themselves and asking what next years dates are. Christopher Hobbs even said he's coming back.  He said if he knew it was this beautiful and the woodlands were so lush, he would of stayed on a couple more days!

Thank you to our wonderful array of teachers, attendees loved the class choices and went away filled with more knowledge of the plant world and more so more respect for the gift of herbal medicine.

Herbalism, an art passed down through numerable generations.

Where did it come from? We are truly blessed to have such a beautiful place to live, share, and respect. When God created this Earth, in his infinite wisdom he knew what people would need to survive, heal themselves of sickness, injuries, or spirit related issues, feed upon to sustain life/health. He blessed the animals with the plants for food and to keep themselves well.  He did it for the 2-legged, the fish in the water, and the birds in the air.

Why have we forgotten to respect and appreciate all that is given to us.  Why do we expect more when we already have everything we need to be whole, healthy. Why do we expect more than we give?

Honoring and respecting the plants for the medicine they give is a simple task.  Don't take any more than you need, give an offering first before you take, and ask permission for their medicine. Following these simple steps the plants will bless you with powerful medicine. And by all means replant, make your own gardens.

We should thank our ancestors that they held strong to their teachings and were able to pass this throughout generations.  It is such a blessing to know of this knowledge and may we all keep passing it on down the line. Teach your children, teach your children's children, teach them to start their own gardens, their medicine gardens, teach them that their food is their medicine.  Food can heal if you eat the healthy ones. Teach the children to respect the Earth, no more harsh chemicals on her face, no more gouging her lands, no more greed, just help one another. Be Kind.

That is the gift of medicine, the gift of the plants, it started when the Earth began and will continue until its demise.

Hosting an herbal conference is costly.  We are looking for sponsors to help with this endeavor. Your gracious contribution will not only help to build the medicinal plant community, but bring together new relationships with your business.

We cordially invite you to become a participant in the making of a spectacular herbal venue in Southeastern Minnesota. Target marketing the herbal community. We would love to put your brand on our mailings, posters, websites, proceedings books, bags, brochures, all around the symposium grounds.

As you see on this site its location and the magnificent teachers presenting it promises to be a awe struck event.

Your help in sponsoring this symposium is helping others to connect to the wonders of herbal medicine, growing this crucial community, enabling and teaching us to be as one, helping and aiding each other to take care of our medicinal friends, our Earth, our environment. A must in these troubled times. We are in a community where herbalism is growing, not only by plant loving people, but by local non herbal people whom have been touched by the plants and are now reaching for their help.

We want to help expose your business to these individuals and more as we have attendees from surrounding states and across our vast country. Not just practitioners, but students who are seeking this knowledge for their own health and bringing with them their friends and family.

This is not just a contribution, but target marketing. In return we will promote your business to the fullest and give an opportunity for you to send attendees.

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Where did medicine come from?

Traditional Medicine

September  18th, 19th, 20th,  2015




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